Brand: Justrite®

Series: Sure-Grip® EX – Vertical Drum 60-Gal. w/Drum Roller

899060 899060

Description: Safety vertical drum storage cabinets with drum roller for flammables

Colour: Yellow

Capacity: Two vertical 30-Gal. drums

Shelves: 1 (Model #29937, size: 39-3/8”W x 14”D)

Size: 65”H x 43”W x 34”D



  • Door/Style: 2 manual close doors
  • Approv/Lstg Regulation: FM, N, O


  • Door/Style: 2 self-close doors
  • Approv/Lstg Regulation: FM, N, O, U

Features & Benefits:

  • Double-wall construction with 1-1/2" (38mm) insulating air space.
  • Sturdy 18-gauge (1mm) steel, fully welded, not riveted, construction holds squareness for longer life; door astragal provides extra sturdiness and offers greater protection in a fire since air gaps are reduced.
  • Durable and chemical-resistant, lead-free powder-coat paint finish, inside and out, retains high gloss look and minimizes the effects of corrosion and humidity.
  • Continuous piano door hinge provides smooth closure.
  • Exclusive U•Loc™ handle includes two keys and accepts an optional padlock for convenience and security. Easy fingertip operation with slip resistant grip for greater control.
  • Patented three-point, stainless steel bullet self-latching system provides easy, fail-safe, positive door closure with increased heat resistance.
  • Rounded safety corners on doors.
  • 2” (51mm) leak-proof containment sump holds leaks and meets EPA requirements.
  • Exclusive highly visible Haz-Alert™ reflective warning labels are strategically positioned in high and low zones to quickly identify volatile liquids in visually impaired conditions. This makes it easy to see, whether firefighters are making an investigative walk-thru or crawling in a smoke filled area.
  • Dual 2" (51mm) vents with built-in flame arresters strategically placed at bottom and opposite top.
  • Patented SpillSlope® safety shelf directs spills to back and bottom of leak-proof sump, it meets ANSI MH28.1 standards with a 350-lb (159-kg) safe allowable load.
  • Removable, adjustable, half-depth shelf provides enough head space to accommodate a drum with a pump or funnel so the cabinet can be used as a pumping or waste accumulation station, and also allows you to store additional materials or spare accessories.
  • Welded shelf hangers interlock with shelf to offer maximum “nonslip” stability with no flimsy brackets to lose.
  • Four adjustable leveling feet make it easy to balance cabinets on uneven surfaces.
  • Built-in grounding connector prevents static buildup and it’s placed on outside side panel for easy grounding (optional ground wire #08500).
  • Drum roller assemblies which facilitate the movement of heavy drum.
  • Self-closing style features patented, concealed self-close mechanism to provide obstruction-free access to top shelf space. Self-indexing doors guarantee they will close in sequence and ensure a tight closure from top to bottom.
  • Self-close style features fusible links to hold doors wide open and melt at 165 degree F (74 degree C) for automatic closure.
  • Optional drum ramp #25932 for loading drums into the cabinet using a cart easily.
  • Optional colours: Red, Gray and White – using colour coding in your storage practices helps identity, organize, and segregate liquids.

Approval/Listing and Regulation Key:

  • FM – FM Global tested and approved
  • N – Designed in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Code 30 regulation
  • O – Complies with OSHA regulations
  • U – Complies with either the International Fire Code or NFPA 1 Fire Code