Brand: E-A-R

Series: Classic

310-1001 310-1001

Description: Disposable foam earplugs (uncord or corded)

Size: Regular

Colour: Yellow


#310-1001 (Uncorded, pillow pack)

#311-1101 (Corded, polybag pack)

Features & Benefits:

  • Classic™ earplugs set the standard in hearing protection as the world's first foam earplugs.
  • Slow recovery, low pressure PVC foam conforms to the shape of the ear canal for enhanced comfort and wearability.
  • Moisture-resistant – helps maintain a consistent expansion time, even in humid environments.
  • Cylinder shape equalizes pressure throughout the ear canal as it expands; prevents shifting and keeps effectiveness of noise seal constant.
  • Flame resistant – important for potential arc flash situations and for storage considerations.
  • Washable - can be washed in a mild detergent and air dried several times without deteriorating or losing their attenuation values.
  • Noise reduction rating (NRR) 29 dB. CSA Class AL.
  • Model #310-1001 packaged in convenient reusable pillow pack to promote reuse and it helps keep earplugs clean when they are not being worn.
  • Model #311-1101 with vinyl cord for easy short term storage around the neck and it helps to minimize loss of earplugs.


  • ANSI S3.19-1974
  • Approved by Hong Kong Labour Department

311-1101 311-1101